Cell phone video shooting

Modern cell phones often include a camera. Here an example of a video I shot on October 2, 2011 using the backward-facing camera in a T-Mobile LG G2X cell phone in video mode. I edited this with VideoPad on an Acer 5742Z laptop and output it from the editor at 854 x 480 pixels (even though the cell phone camera shoots at an amazing 1920 x 1080 pixels!). About a dozen separate video clips were edited together to create this. The sound track, the folk tune "I've Been Working on the Railroad", came from a one-minute midi file resulting from scanning an old piano roll; I downloaded it from the web and used the Midi2Wav program to reorchestrate it and output it as a .wav file, then Audacity to clean it up and repeat it 10 times to get an .mp3 sound track of appropriate length. I speeded up the tempo by 2% to have the tune end well at the end of the video. This folk tune was published in 1894 and performed on a piano roll created in 1916. The copyrights on both the tune and performance have expired. This kind of source for musical sound tracks is great for "silent" movies and a wealth of tunes like this exist.

Southern California Live Steamers, Wilson Park, Torrance, California