Recording screen actions

It's often useful to demonstrate how to use software by narrating the actions as you take them on the screen, recording both your voice as audio and the actions on the screen. In the PC environment Windows Media Encoder is a free (but rather crude) possibility, while Camtasia is a professional product but it costs hundreds of dollars (although it is free for trial use for 30 days, in both PC and Mac environments). Another choice is  Hypercam 3 and EzVid for PCs, or Snap Z Pro for Macs. These products also are available for free use during trial periods:

     Debut by NCH Software (my favorite!)

     Camtasia for Windows and Macs

     Hypercam 3 for Windows/PCs

     Snap Z Pro for Macs

I have researched the links above, these all lead to the actual software originator's vending sites. Be careful if you google for these products, a lot of other sites lure people in with the free versions of these products, but usually the older outdated ones. Those "parasitic" marketing sites often peddle a lot of other things and they try to build traffic by capitalizing on the product names established by the originators. My advice is to always go to the site of the software originator and not to the parasites.