How to use PhotoStory 3 (Windows)

Here are two videos that can help you learn to use PhotoStory 3 to create simple multimedia productions like the ones students are submitting for this assignment. PhotoStory 3 is free software for the Windows environment that you can download from the Microsoft web site if you CLICK HERE. (Note: it's important to download software from the original vendor's site such as the link here. Other parties often try to lure you into their web sites by offering software downloads but it's wise to be suspicious of those kinds of sites since they may at the least waste your time marketing other stuff or at worst provide adulterated software that contains malicious code. I always provide links that I have investigated and I personally don't download software from sites without thoroughly checking them out.)

You can learn to use PhotoStory 3 by viewing these two short videos (or by viewing other videos you can locate on YouTube with keyword searches).

Soup to Nuts -- Importing pictures, sequencing, music track, and producing

Editing and cleaning up pictures